Ben Vincent 
     Dallas Fort Worth Caricature Artist

Master of The Caricature Universe
The Benevolent Master Welcomes You

Benjamin Vincent

Caricature Artist

The Best
Dallas, FortWorth
Planet Earth!

....How Can He Make this Statement?

Because he is a caricature artist and exaggerates a little.

Call when you need the best professional Vogue Fashion Sketch Caricature artist, drawing for publication or  fun party sketch caricatures to entertain at a party or event.
Whatever style you choose - A Vogue  Fashion Sketch a Great Caricature or Digital Caricature - your guests will take home a fun souvenir of the event. The art is Guaranteed to bring smiles
and available to work at any location.
If you need more than one artist we will secure other top-rated caricaturists in the Dallas Fort Worth, and Texas area for your event.
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Voted the best Party & Event
Caricature artist for 2014Caricature awardCaricature Artist Benjamin Vincent draws a really FUN caricature and has entertained at parties and events all over the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas across the United States, and in France.

When you are looking for the best in caricature art, and desire to have art that will be treasured for years, you've come to the right place.  Not all caricature artists are the same. Ben Vincent is GUARANTEED to exceed expectations with fun good humored  drawings for you and your guests.

Drawing fast and beautifully for years, Ben Vincent works conventions, trade shows, corporate events, parties celebrating promotions, wedding related events including receptions, rehearsal dinners, and engagement parties, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, teen parties, sweet sixteen events, birthdays, anniversaries, children parties of all ages, graduations, proms, reunions, and retirement parties. A great caricature artist can have wonderful entertainment value and a brilliant souvenir for your event to be remembered for years to come. There are a lot of artists that draw. When you select Ben Vincent for your event you are guaranteed experienced and professional service. Caricature artist Ben Vincent is one of the best caricature artist you will ever have the pleasure to draw you. Always a professional, working in his studio or on site over 60 hours a week. You can see the difference with an artist that truly loves his work.


Having drawn caricatures for decades artist Ben Vincent will bring out the best in you while providing entertaining party sketches for those watching. Benjamin Vincent brings his best to each event, to meet and draw you, your family, friends and associates. 

viagra dailyThere are numerous styles and techniques to choose when selecting a caricature artist.  The classic caricature drawing is black ink on paper front view with a humorous situation and a touch of color or tone.  For large venues where the artists needs to complete more caricatures per hour consider the head only or profile caricature.  Many businesses prefer the caricature front view caricature.  Some may at first feel self conscious sitting  Seeing great caricatures drawn makes everyone want to seize the opportunity to get a drawing.  

Caricatures can be drawn on T-shirts..  The drawing is fast and everyone enjoys watching the caricatures develop in just a couple of minutes.  Wearable art is just that simple. 

Digital caricatures can capture attention of people from every direction. Digital caricature are fast and colorful.  Drawn on the computer the drawing is projected onto a large screen, and printed 's name and the event printed onto every drawing.  Digital caricatures is another way to draw for your and entertain.  Digital caricatures take about the same amount of time and requires a little more space for the caricatures to be projected to a screen. Good Fun.

The Latest and Hottest is the Vogue Sketch.

A full figure fashion like drawing.  Everyone looks great.  It is very fast, expressive drawing that involves the entire room.  To add to the fun the artist poses the person or couple together so they will look their best.  Ben Vincent with years of experience is quickly draws a likeness as well as a interesting pose that suits the person. Everyone gets into the performance and to be drawn looking their best.  That's why we also call the style the Sexy Sketch.  The final touch to these drawings are a splash of color...Literally a splash.  It brings the art alive.  Each drawing is made on heavy stock paper and delivered with a  plastic bag to go.  You will love the way you look in the sexy sketch, fashion drawing.  a fashion drawing, vogue Sketch with attitude.  it has the personality and likeness of the person posing looking fabulous.  These  Vogue fashion drawings are great for all ages and all shapes.  Everyone looks good... EVERYONE.

 Whatever the drawing style or technique you choose you will be getting the best. When you want a caricature drawing or sketch to treasure Ben Vincent always gives 100% on every caricature drawing at every party, so you will receive the best of his efforts so you will treasure your caricature for years.

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