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     Dallas Fort Worth Caricature Artist

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The Vogue Sketch- Fashion Drawing
Strike a Pose...You look Marvelous... Absolutely Marvelous!

The Sexy Sketch, Vogue fashion drawing done on the spot as everyone participates. This fashion drawing sketched from life is called a sexy sketch, because it has flare and attitude. Everyone looks cool in these stylized drawings. It quickly captures the moment at the party, you will look marvelous.

Each sketch takes just 3 minutes and includes a splash of color. The drawing is on quality paper so it is easy to transport. Given to you w/ a plastic bag so so can frame it when you arrive home. You are part of the process when you pose for a Sexy sketch, fashion drawing, it is unlike other drawings you've seen. This fashion-vogue sketch captures a likeness in your face and an attitude in your pose on location.

The Sexy Vogue Sketch is popular at Universities, Family reunions, birthdays, Bat mitzvahs, gradation parties, Conventions and anywhere else people can participate and want to experience something unique. It is a fashion drawing with personality. If you've ever wondered how you may look as a model on the cover of Vogue here is your opportunity to own a professional sketch that is more than entertainment it is art that is one of a kind. You will look absolutely fabulous if not like a top model. You will be drawn looking your best.

You will look marvelous in the fashion sketch and treasure this unique keepsake

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Caricature art Dallas Ft.Worth texas  Sexy sketch
sexy guy
Caricature art Dallas Fort Worth Texas fashion
Sexy sketch
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