Ben Vincent 
     Dallas Fort Worth Caricature Artist

Private Lessons


I have been asked if I give private lessons. The answer is YES. with pleasure

After drawing Caricatures for over 30 years and working as a illustrator for clients through out the world I am happy to give back and share with students.  Working with students to develop their ability to see and think of art.  We work on character development, all aspects of drawing (realistic and cartoon), thinking in terms of shape and design, figures realistic and humorous, and of course caricatures.  It works best to respond to the student's work to know what they want and improve their strengths.   Please prepare a portfolio of work for the first meeting. 


Fees and Guidelines:

1)   I only give private lessons on week days.
2)   The fee is $100 per 2 hour session.
3)   Client must prepay 4 sessions in advance.
4)   Scheduling is sometimes challenging so flexibility is important.
5)   If I have to cancel a lesson there will be a make-up.
6)   Assignments are given so outside work is needed.



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